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What's Up With Instagram Stories, And Why Should You Care?

Hands up if you've heard of this newfangled thing called Instagram stories.

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SEO Services Success Story: Modscape

We worked with Modscape for nearly 12 months and to-date, they have enjoyed the most SEO success of any of our clients here at Captivate Digital, with keyword visibility increasing ten-fold over the past year.

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Is Content Really King?

You may have heard the slightly hackneyed phrase "content is king" before, but do you actually believe it?

Tags: digital marketing, optimisation, SEO, websites

A Reminder To Clean Up Older Content On Your Blog

If you've taken our advice and added a blog to your website, then this article should be extra useful to you!

Tags: optimisation, SEO, site audit, websites

Digital Marketing Reads – Volume 3

Here's the latest instalment of Digital Marketing Reads, a roundup of some of the more interesting articles we've read lately in the digital marketing world.

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