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SEO To-Do List: A Recipe For SEO Success

You know, SEO is a lot like weight loss. Both can be temporarily improved with quick fixes like paid ads or extreme diets, but the key to real, lasting success is putting in the effort to form good habits.

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SEO Metrics That Matter

Total Organic Search Traffic Simply put, this is how many people are visiting your site as a result of finding it while doing a Google search. If you are putting effort into improving your site's SEO, your goal is for your organic search traffic steadily increase over time. You can easily view your ...

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7 SEO Strategies That Work

Note: Before reading this post, make sure you’ve 1. Selected keywords to optimise for, and 2. Done an SEO competitor analysis. Once you’ve got your SEO keywords and competitors lined up, read on!

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SEO Competitor Analysis

After you’ve determined your SEO keywords (that is, the phrases for which you want your site to be found on Google Search), your next obvious task is to get your website to show up as high in the Google Search rankings as possible for each keyword phrase.

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