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All About Paid Online Advertising

Just as businesses pay to place an ad in a magazine or newspaper, or on a bus or billboard, they can also pay for online advertising.

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Digital Marketing Reads - Volume 1

We thought we'd start a new blog series on the Captivate Digital blog and include links to some of the more interesting articles we've read lately in the digital marketing world.

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What To Know About The Google Fred Update

Google makes between two and three updates to their algorithm every single day, but the major ones that generally shake the search engine world do come every couple of months. The aim of the updates is to target web site owners who are not keeping up with providing value to their site visitors but ...

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How Our Client Landed A Featured Snippet On Google

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you do a search on Google, a box will appear near the top of the search results containing a short, concise description or answer to your search query?

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Don't Publish Your Blog Post Til You Have These 6 Things

Before you hit publish on any blog post you craft, make sure you’ve marked off everything on the checklist below.

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