Print Marketing Is Not Dead

At Captivate Digital, we are champions of online marketing. We believe that in order to succeed in this day and age, a small business should have a robust online presence: a website that drives customers to book or buy from you, a social media following comprised of super-fans who will shout from the virtual rooftops how great you are, as well as a recognizable and consistent brand across all of these platforms.

But we also believe that you mustn't ignore the tangible dimension of marketing. That's why we recommend combining both online marketing and print marketing when designing your business's marketing strategy.

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Why Print Marketing?

Print marketing yields an entirely different user experience. Being able to hand a business card to someone - especially one that stands out from the rest in its color, design, shape, size, and texture - makes a stronger impression than a website or email does. Printed marketing materials engage more senses and communicate on many more levels than online marketing media do.

What's more, printed marketing materials such as a business card or brochure can help drive traffic to your online platforms. They reinforce the branding you've already established online, which in turn strengthens your brand.

Lastly, print marketing is a way to approach potential customers without waiting for them to discover you online. You can get in their face with your business brochures and leave flyers on their doorstep. If you've made a good impression, they may even help you spread the word by passing these printed materials along to their friends and family.

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Ideas For Print Marketing Materials

Print marketing is more than just business cards - though you should definitely have some of those made up for your company. This is the most popular print item developed here at Captivate Digital - our branding experts can design business cards that help your company stand out and be memorable.

We also recommend printing out brochures, postcards, and flyers, depending on your marketing goals. Brochures are ideal for leaving at offices and studios, postcards work well for doing direct mail advertising, and flyers are a great option for leaving in mailboxes or posting on noticeboards. No matter which print materials you opt for, we'll ensure that your brand aesthetic is maintained and clearly communicated throughout.

Finally, consider incorporating print marketing into gifts that you give to customers or prospects. We've designed inserts for gift boxes and folios for photos that reinforce the brand at hand and are eager to flex our creative muscles for any print marketing project you have in mind.

Contact Captivate Digital about a branding and print package to help boost your company's print marketing efforts.

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