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What's The Deal With The New Instagram Creator Account?

Earlier this year, Instagram quietly rolled out their new Creator account option for users.

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Goodbye, Instagram Likes!

There's been a small uproar in the Instagram community lately, have you heard?

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Build Your Brand On Instagram - Part 3

In Part 1 of ‘how to build your brand on Instagram’ we spoke about the importance of hashtags and consistency. In Part 2, we discussed how to set up your profile, how to create value and how to increase your engagement.

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Build Your Brand On Instagram - Part 2

This week we're continuing our Instagram series on building your brand presence on Instagram. If you missed part 1, click on over to read it.

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What Is IG TV & Should You Use It For Your Business?

We've been covering the ins and outs of Instagram recently here on the blog. We even dove into Instagram Stories and why or how you should be using this feature. As an ever-changing platform, Instagram recently added another feature called IG TV. But what's the difference with the Instagram Stories ...

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