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SEO Services Success Story: Modscape

We worked with Modscape for nearly 12 months and to-date, they have enjoyed the most SEO success of any of our clients here at Captivate Digital, with keyword visibility increasing ten-fold over the past year.

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Is Content Really King?

You may have heard the slightly hackneyed phrase "content is king" before, but do you actually believe it?

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A Reminder To Clean Up Older Content On Your Blog

If you've taken our advice and added a blog to your website, then this article should be extra useful to you!

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SEO Services Success Story: In2 Fire

We've previously written about the website design and copywriting we've done for our client In2 Fire.  Back when they were known as KlineFire Services, we created their new website and later bulked up their service page content and incorporated more compelling images across all of the pages. All of ...

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How To Not Lose SEO When Moving Your Site To A New Domain

So let's say you're rebranding and need to move your website over to a new domain. It's scary enough making the switch and hoping that you don't break your site... but what about everything that comes after your site has successfully been moved over to a new web address?

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