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What is Mobile-First Indexing?

If you've logged into your Google Search Console account at any point in the last two years (if you haven't, then um... you definitely should! Or hire a Melbourne digital marketing agency to monitor it for you, hint hint)... then you may have seen a notice that says Your site has been switched to ...

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Google BERT Update: What You Need To Know

Last week, Google announced its biggest algorithm update in 5 years.

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YouTube + SEO: How To Optimise Your Videos For Google

You might think of YouTube as a limitless video library, but did you ever think about how it's also a search engine for videos?

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What The Changes To No-Follow Links Really Mean

This week, Google announced that two new link attributes have been added alongside the long-standing "no-follow" to help them better understand how to analyse links.

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How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate

We recently wrote all about how to lower your bounce rate (*hint hint*, you should definitely go back and read that post if you haven't yet!).

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